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CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER – the Architect behind the success of Unijay

Mrs Janet Abobigu completed only elementary school, due to financial challenges.

Upon realisation that her formal academic education has come to an end, she took it upon herself to develop her sewing skills through training as an apprentice for a local shop, from(1981 to 1983).

Her quest as an entrepreneur started when in 1978, she had to venture into ‘kaya yo’’ to support the latter of her elementary education. Having been trained as a seamstress for 3yrs(1981 – 1983), She started her own business in 1984 as a seamstress with only 2 apprentices at a small place of her rented apartment.

Through her hard work and dedication, she moved into a rented shop with about 20 employees in 1992. Currently, her company, (Unijay Ltd.) is among the largest Garment manufacturing companies in Ghana with staff numbered over hundreds.

Mrs. Janet Abobigu’s zeal to support youth training and development has resulted in job creation and philanthropy programs that has benefitted all sectors of the society.



Corporate Vision

To be a Garment company that would be second to nonein delivering high quality products to its customers on time in Ghana and the West Africa Sub Region.

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